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Our Services

We pride ourselves on the high quality of services we offer. Take a look:

Window Cleaning

Residential window cleaning as well as commercial window cleaning services

Gutter Cleaning

Residential gutter cleaning and commercial gutter cleaning services

Pressure Washing

Is your driveway dirty? We can help with pressure washing services

Deck Cleaning

Have your deck rinsed and cleaned of all dirt using pressure washing

Eavestrough Repair

Reach out to us, we treat all sorts of gutter related problems

Roof Cleaning

We can help with roof cleaning. Make your nice and clean

Window Cleaning Oakville

Leading Provider of Window Cleaning in Oakville 

We are a modern window cleaning service provider operating in Oakville and the surrounding areas. We help with window cleaning, eavestrough cleaning, pressure washing and more!

Our primary goal is to make your windows shine, ensuring you receive exceptional customer service. We pride ourselves in our honest and high quality services, making it a priority to exceed your expectations. You can rest assured that with us, you will be getting the best window cleaning service ever.

Whether you’re a local resident, commercial business owner, or a restaurant, we have a solution for you. We have the latest technology and equipment to ensure your windows receive the shine they deserve. Our team of highly talent and trained employees will provide the services according to your needs. 

Window Cleaning Oakville strives to develop a relationship with its customers. We offer services year round, both interior and exterior and can adapt to a schedule that fits your needs. We  prioritize safety and can assure you that our employees receive the best training possible. We also have a significant amount of coverage.

Partner with us and you’ll be amazed with the quality of service. What are you waiting for?

Oakville’s Finest


Certified Team

All of our team members are trained and certified. This allows us to deliver a safe and high quality service for all our customers. Your satisfaction is our top priority.


Recurring Maintenance

We offer various plans for our customers. Just schedule it once and you’re good to go. You won’t even have to think about the headaches of calling and scheduling. Monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly – we have you covered!

Continuous Value

Whether you need window cleaning Oakville services, eavestrough cleaning or pressure washing, reach out to us and we’ll help you. For those getting started, we strive to deliver exceptional value via our blog to get you started on a DIY journey to cleaning your windows. 

Best Equipment

We use upgraded window cleaning supplies and tools to ensure every inch of your window is clean!

Why Choose Window Cleaning Oakville?

We Care

Shine your windows just like you shine your teeth. We don’t care how long it takes, we will work until satisfaction. We treat your  windows as if they were our own. First impressions matter.

Reliable & Insured

As professionals, we have the necessary coverage required in case of any emergencies or accidents. Leave the work in our hands so you don’t have to risk your life in order to clean your windows. 

No Contracts

Don’t worry, you are not locked into any type of contracts where you have to stay committed. Whether it’s a one time job or recurring, you can try us out and remain flexible at all times.


We are experienced professionals. We deliver high quality window cleaning services. From the first phone call till the completion of the job, we consider you our partners and are committed to you.

The Window Cleaning Oakville Satisfaction Guarantee

We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee policy which ensures you will receive the shine you requested. For whatever reason, if you’re not satisfied, let our team know and we will work with you to fix the job until you’re satisfied. This is how much we believe in our services, we’re wiling to risk it.

Customer Reviews

“My neighbours asked me if I repaired my roof, what an amazing service! They were very friendly and understanding. Thank you for the service! A very easy process form beginning to start. We found the team very polite. Highly recommended!”

– Alexa

“Great service and it really did seem like the crew was interested in cleaning the windows. We had a large house with many dirty windows. I saw the team cleaning some multiple times. Overall, extremely satisfied with the job, it was completed all within a day of calling!”

– Ryan

Our Service Areas

Window cleaning Oakville serves the Southern Ontario region, with our primary area covering Oakville. We also serve other areas including Burlington, Milton, and Mississauga. We pride ourselves in serving one of the largest towns in all of Ontario. We love speaking and working with the local residents and business owners. If you’re in one of these areas (between Hamilton and Toronto), give us a ring to see how we can help!


Are you open during Covid-19?

The short answer is, yes, we are currently open for business! Our team takes appropriate precautions to ensure adequate sanitization of all tools and equipment used.

At this time, we are only servicing exterior window cleaning to prevent infection. All services will be perfromed from a distance without any human to human contact

Do you operate when it rains?
Yes, we are still working when it rains. So long as it doesn’t affect the quality of service our team delivers, we are happy to do so. It only becomes an issue in times of extreme rain and wind which can undermine the safety of our employees. These conditions will be evaluated on a case by case basis. If you’re worried, we recommend you schedule during the sunnier months!
Do you only provide window cleaning services?
No! We also provide gutter cleaning, pressure washing, deck cleaning, roof cleaning and more. Check out our services page for more information.
How frequently should I clean my windows?
This is a tough one and the answer is that it depends. It depends on if you live near a construction site, an area under development etc. It also depends if your a homeowner or a business owner. For residential cleaning, we recommend 1-4 times a year. For commercial businesses, your reputation matters. We recommend weekly, bi-weekly, or a monthly cleaning service.
How should I prepare my windows before cleaning them?
For interior window cleaning, please ensure all furniture and any large items are moved from the area. This can come in the way and prevent us from doing our job. Blinds and curtains are not a problem. For outside window washing, we woul appreciate it if you closed all doors and windows, so that water doesn’t leak inside! If you have any stickers, we’d be happy to remove that free of charge.
Do you clean windows during the winter?
Yes, we absolutely do! We clean windows and gutter year round!

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